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Our culinary classroom is the place to learn and enjoy the fine food, artisanal cheeses, and cooking. From wine pairings to cooking classes, these programs at the Wine School are second to none.


Our offerings include cooking classes, wine and cheese pairings, food and wine pairing, and the Sommelier Smackdown,  We also offer Philly Beer School classes, as well, including beer and cheese pairing classes, chocolate and beer pairings, and food and beer pairing classes.



Cooking Classes

And a whole lot more!

Get your sommelier on with these classes.  We offer a wide variety of pairing classes: From the notorious Sommelier Smackdown to the always popular cheese pairing classes, and our classic food & wine pairing class.  We also offer Chocolate Pairing classes; a Beef, Beer & Bourbon class, and many other delicious ways to learn.

Demonstration cooking classes held in our posh classroom.  Learn how to prepare simple, delicious meals under the tutelage of Keith Wallace. Each dish is paired with a selection of wines from one of our top sommelier-instructors.

Artisanal Wine & Cheese Pairing

Friday, December 6 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
0 Seat(s) Available

Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Fri, January 10, 2020 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
0 Seat(s) Available

Artisanal Wine & Cheese Pairing

Sat, January 18, 2020 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
-8 Seat(s) Available

Craft Beer and Cheese Pairing

Fri, January 31, 2020 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
1 Seat(s) Available

Sommelier Smackdown

Thu, February 20, 2020 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
0 Seat(s) Available

Spanish Food & Wine Pairing

Fri, March 13, 2020 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
18 Seat(s) Available

Artisanal Wine & Cheese Pairing

Sat, March 21, 2020 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
19 Seat(s) Available

Pasta Cooking Class with Wine Pairings

Thu, April 2, 2020 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
14 Seat(s) Available

Craft Beer and Cheese Pairing

Fri, April 24, 2020 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
22 Seat(s) Available

A Primer on our Cooking Classes

A few days prior to class, our executive chef (the author of Corked & Forked) crafts three brand-new recipes. Using seasonal ingredients, the recipes are always innovative and simple to prepare: he is a firm believers of the KISS principle in the kitchen. For examples of previous cooking classes, you can view recipes right here.

During class, the chef will demonstrate how to prepare the dishes. Expect banter and some back and forth. If you have questions about cooking, he will be able to answer any and all of them.

This is not just a cooking class.  A master-level sommelier will develop a wine list in tandem with the chef. She will walk you through the pairings, explaining why certain wines go with specific dishes.  This is also a great opportunity to learn about wine from one of the top minds in the trade.

Cheese Pairing Classes

Our cheese pairing classes are some of our most popular classes. We offer both wine  pairing  and beer pairing classes, and they tend to sell out months ahead of schedule.

As a rule at the Wine School, you can’t teach it until you make it.  Our instructors are not only brilliant sommeliers and winemakers, but that isn’t enough to teach this class: they have to be cheesemakers, too. Why? Because our classes are not only fun they are super-smart.

The Sommelier Smackdown

We ended up on South Park and in Wine Spectator because of this class. What more is there to say?

cooking classes

I started teaching cooking classes in Philadelphia while working on Corked & Forked for Perseus Books. Those classes really helped craft the book into what it became. I’ve been teaching cooking classes at the Wine School ever since.

Keith Wallace

Author, Corked & Forked

Excerpt from Corked & Forked, Four Seasons of Food & Drink

Summertime Cooking in Philadelphia

Summertime is all about flash: the glittering flash of a white sail over blue water, the spicy flash of a jalapeno pepper, the reflected flash of bicycle spokes. The days are long and languid, promising glittering moments of half-remembered dalliances and pearl-white laughter.

Of course, there will be days of unabashed heat when wet air sticks to your face like paint. Other days of torrential rain will make it feel as if you are swimming in a wool burka. But most days will be just sunshine and blue sky and dinner plans. It’s time to live, eat, and drink for the moment. Could there be anything better?

Truth be told, my inner nihilist often thinks so: It loves the colder months when adults discuss the ills of the world while noshing on a leg of lamb and drinking Bordeaux. Problem is, days on end of pure sunshine turn us all into little kids. It’s nearly impossible to be taken seriously when wearing flip flops and eating seafood from a bucket.

And that’s okay, because one of the greatest gifts of summer is the playfulness of its food. Bright colors pop off the dinner plate. Flavors sizzle and sing on the tongue. Farm stands overflow with bright reds and shiny greens. It feels like you can pluck succulent produce anywhere you look, and sinking your teeth into fruits and vegetables dripping with ripeness gives an instantaneous high.

With such bounty, cooking becomes quite simple: In my recipes I keep flavors clean and light and full of zest. Hot peppers, dramatic spices, and brilliant citruses all make frequent appearances in these summer chapters. We can do more with less during this season since locally grown produce lends so much more flavor than the typical supermarket fare.

Summer cooking should also minimize use of the kitchen stove. With that in mind, these recipes will involve a lot of pickling, curing, and outdoor grilling. Don’t sweat it if you are without one of those gleaming new barbeques. Every grilled recipe in this book was created on a $25 grill purchased at a flea market.




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